Blue Jays games in Trois-Rivières

During a six-week “boot camp” of a French Immersion course in Trois-Rivières, Québec, I feared that I would have to modify my daily diet of Blue Jays innings. My fears were put to rest once I found the following two sports bars and met their staff, who were willing (almost) any day to put the game on for hours at a time.

Games are on channel 545 at the The Moose, Rue des Forges (centre-ville), owned by a former AHL tough guy. Decent pasta. Standard bar fare. In the midst of world cup drama, picture an Anglophone out-of’-towner requesting baseball. 5 TVs switch to the Blue Jay game. Confused looks adjust to the new reality. How many highlights of the same goals can we really watch, people?

Beautiful waitresses, polite, smiling, all attempted speaking English with me. I practiced French. The one time it proved impractical to turn the Jays game on was on a night of a Montreal Alouettes game, the bar packed with hard core fans.

Games are on channel 1444 at Les Cage aux Sports, Rue des Forges (centro-commerical). Extensive menu of surf, turf and standard pub fare. Desserts worthy. It has a massive screen towering over the main bar. But there are so many screens in this sports fan complex that no matter the day, there will be a screen for your preferred sporting event. That is, unless you come on a Tuesday when the older waitresses, who don`t know how the cable system works, will compound your frustration.

Most servers here are conversational and wonderful. All wore soccer jerseys of their favourite national team during 2010 World Cup fever. They crack each other up singing and dancing to such classic hits as “lemme work it” by Missy Elliot.

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